Khuda Na Kare

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For a little girl her dad has dependably been her super legend – she sees the world through his eyes and it’s his gigantic certainty on her that she crosses odd impediments of existence effortlessly. The warm father-little girl bond has been appeared in a large number of motion pictures and shows however the appeal of this delightful story will never reach an end.

ARY Digital’s new dramatization ‘Khuda Na Kare’ is about a single parent Zaheer Ahmed (Salman Shahid) and his dear little girls Aabi (Myra Sajid) and Abrish(Sonia Hussain). Composed by Samina Nadeem this play is a joint generation of Fahad Mustafa and Ali Kazmi while Badar Mehmood has guided it.

In the wake of viewing promos I was anticipating that it should be a story of defiant little girl who will remain against her dad’s choice to wed a man of his decision – it might be conceivable that the story will ayesha khan dramas stream toward that path later on yet the mind-set essayist has set in the primary scene is high on feelings.

In the initial couple of scenes I was awed more with the essayist than entertainers as she presents the three principle characters of the play creatively – young ladies are indicated watering the plants in the garden and when father strolls in they begin pulling him towards their most loved plants. Their selection of plants really mirrors their identity – Aabi like non-blossoming plants which demonstrates that her life is without any energy and excite while Abrish is enthusiastic and lively and her accumulation incorporates blooms in wonderful shades.

Zaheer sb’s closest companion Hashmi Uncle (Tunio Salahuddin) regularly makes section in the dramatization and gives valuable counsel on the matter of worry to his companion.

Up till this guide it shows up toward be an upbeat family with no stresses and stress. So what’s the turn in the story?

All things considered, the more youthful girl adores her college individual, Farhad (Junaid Khan) and whatever is left of the family is absolutely uninformed of it. When she goes out with him and doesn’t get back home on time – the nervousness and worriedness reflecting from Zaheer’s motions is something which could soften away any little girls’ heart. At the point when Aabrish achieves home Zaheer sb stated, “Tum se baat nahin ho rahe thi tu mujhe slack raha tha kay jaise ka mai deface gaya hon. Khatam hogaya hon.” His touching exchanges have energy to make my eyes wet with tears.

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