What are legal steroids to use for muscles growth


What are legal steroids? Confused?  Many of us will be shocked to hear is there actually a thing, which is called legal steroids?  Because of the fact that anabolic steroids are restricted in the US. In the controlled substance acts of 2004 and 1990 steroids are classified as controlled substances. It is not legal to produce, sell, possess and use steroids in the US. These can only be manufactured by a licensed pharmacy and can only be used for medical purposes if prescribed by doctors. In the US steroids are considered as drugs and performance enhancement is not a viable medical purpose.

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Before the Controlled Substances Act of 1990, anabolic steroid was considered as the legal dbal maxsteroid. You could buy and receive steroids for performance enhancement before the act of 1990, but these were restricted and traded on the gym floor openly. So now trade and use of steroids is considered as illegal in the US. Now a question arises what are legal steroids and reasons to obtain legal steroids? You can obtain legal steroids by prescription that must be based on medical condition. The medical need which requires anabolic steroids for the treatment surrounds androgen and testosterone deficiencies like low testosterone or andropause. These conditions occur in men mostly and thousands of men suffer from these medical conditions.

What are legal steroids for women? Women also have low testosterone and some other different hormonal deficient conditions. So having steroids for the sake of their health if they are suffering from menopause or having some more complications is legal for them. Both men and women can qualify for legal steroids if they suffer from low hormone level. Now it is easy for you to answer what are legal steroids and what are illegal. If these are used for the sake of performance enhancement and muscle building, they are called illegal and if they are used according to the prescription of an expert physician, they will be legal to use for you to improve your life. It can also be legal for the transgender community like if a woman wishes to be a man she can use anabolic steroids to achieve her goals.

Don’t ask what are legal steroids because legal steroids is not a separate category instead if you use steroids for legal reasons they can be called legal and if these are used as a shortcut to building muscle mass or to enhance performance you say it illegal.

What are legal steroids list:

Dianabol(strength and muscle agent):

Dianabol is also called D-Anaoxn and is used to improve the size and shape of muscles along with giving you strength. It helps you to retain nitrogen in your major muscle tissues and synthesize more protein. If muscle building seems to be difficult for you try D-Anaoxn to make your body perfect.

Anadrole(bulking agent):

Anadrole can be used in combination with other supplements. It is quite a powerful supplement. It will enable your body to get rid of fatigue by producing more red cells in the body. It will also increase the transportation of oxygen in the blood.

Trenorol(cutting or bulking agent):

Trenorol has been proven to release and formulate more testosterone levels. It will also help you to retain nitrogen and improve your muscle mass. It is the most powerful cutting agent and will help in cutting cycles, as it has fat burning capacities so you will lose fats while gaining healthy lean muscles.

 Anvarol (Lean Muscle gainer and Cutting Agent):

It does an alternative work as Anavar, giving your body “cut” look along with gaining leaner muscle mass. If it is combined with Trenbalone its strength will be increased.

 Testomax (Testosterone Booster):

Testomax is essential for the health of your muscles if you lift heavy weights. It has the ability to boost your strength and increases your muscle mass as well. It is a powerful booster of energy and recovery time.

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